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Books and decks from Damanhur


Damanhur - the Story of the Extraordinary Italian Artistic and Spiritual Community
- Jeff Merrifield
349 blz


25 euro
Verzendkosten 2,5 euro

Bral Talej - magical divinationdeck from Damanhur (Italy)
111 cards| with a small book| 2006

33 euro

Verzendkosten 3 euro (NL)

DVD A journey into the Temples of Humankind  

Pictures and music.

A journey into the seed of a new culture of peace and harmony: the Temples of Humankind.
The images of this video meditation present the Halls of the Temples of Humankind at Damanhur, in Italy.

12,50 euro

Verzendkosten 2 euro

Damanhur - Temples of Humankind

168 Pages | North Atlantic Books | USA Edition | 2006

40 euro




DVD Damanhur - for a culture of peace

33 minutes of exciting images, musicand interviews.
Journey through the magnificent temples of
humankind, discover every day life in Damanhur,
share the dream of a new future for all humanity!

Language: Italian / English


CD Mystical journey
Through the music of the Temples of humankind

Healing music for the heart chakra

15 euro




The Book of synchronicity - Oberto Airaudi

A modern translation of an ancient book of magic by the contemporary Italian spiritual leader Oberto Airaudi, The Book of Synchronicity taps into the "Synchronic Lines" - rivers of spiritual energy that flow through the universe. These lines link the various celestial bodies and the intelligences that can access them. The lines¡¦ path on Earth, according to the book, takes the form of eighteen Major Lines through which pour ideas, dreams, thoughts, and information. Whenever a reader consults The Book of Synchronicity, he or she is in effect accessing this flow of knowledge.

Easy to understand and use, the book can be consulted immediately for quick answers as well as longer divination processes, with no further study or outside knowledge of other divination traditions necessary. The technique is simple: readers ask a question and then throw a die, while concentrating on the question. Each answer is gained by throwing the die four times, with more than 2 million possible synchronistic combinations for each consultation. The Book of Synchronicity draws on universal wisdom to help seekers solve personal problems, obtain advice, and gain insight into their spiritual evolution.

A dice is included

20 euro
3,45 euro verzendkosten


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