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Listen to the interview of May 6 with Gnomo from Damanhur

Have you ever heard of Damanhur? A magical place where hundreds of people form their lives with their dreams. A life based on mutual respect and love? A place where spirituality is interwoven in daily life and where the spiritual path is one of the most important things in life? Where social structures are very important?
It sounds like a fairy tale and it really exists! When I first arrived in Damanhur, I did not want to go anymore. What a special place and special people!They have 14 kilometers of spirals, work with strong energy through copper wire and make life a game of life. They live in houses of about 20 people as large families with joint care for the children.

Damanhur is a great example of how you can live  self-sufficiently for a large part. They have many businesses in various areas such as cheese making, fabric weaving and dyeing, publishing books, giving workshops, training and seminars, all kinds of health, well-being, arts.

There is art verywhere it's an essential part of the lives of people in Damanhur, whether you are singing, making music, painting or carving, it is about the expression of the soul.
Damanhur is also famous for the imposing, underground structure: the Temples of Humankind. Breathtakingly beautiful. The energy in these temples is super powerful. How would you like to meditate there?

The surrounding area is also beautiful with many forests, a river, waterfalls. You will find very special places.

Damanhur is also busy with the music of the plants, a synthesizer is linked to a plant that can transfer the sounds the plant makes.

Do you also want to visit this special community and not only as a tourist but a bit more behind the scenes? Do you want to expierence the community on a deeper level? Then join this inspiring and magical journey. It touches the hearts of almost everyone!


What will we do? 

  • see and experience the Damanhur area, including many spirals and labyrinths and menhirs
  • Work with the elements water, earth, air and fire
  • Experiencing the temples in a profound way
  • Experience the special music of the plants
  • Learn a lot about the life of Damanhurians
  • Conversations with Damanhurians
  • Eat in different communities
  • Art and deep contact with ancient energies


An unforgettable trip! 



Part 1 arrival July 28, program July 29-31 

Part 2 arrival July 31, program August 1-3 

Optional programs on August 5, 6 and 7 


Part 1

Discover Damanhur during Part 1. We will visit the central centers of Damanhur and you will rhave a guided tour. You will visit the underground temples and meditate in the temples. You will walk a labyrinth and visit the Sacred Forest and experience the "Music of the plants". We will ave a meeting with someone from Damanhur that is connected to Damanhur center in The Netherlands.

Cost program: € 325, - (excluding accommodation and food) 

Minimum amount of people 4


Part 2

An extraordinary and unique trip to the pre-atlantic period in which you will experience a different dimension as a group and individually. You will use your inner senses: your heart, skin, the divine, exchange and love. You will use your hands and your heart to travel deeper in yourself and also at a spiritual level you explore the out-of-the-time dimension that is infinite.

Because we work with powerful energies during this program, it's important that you are used to working with energy and that you are strong enough to handle this.

Cost program: € 275, - (excluding accommodation and food)

Minimum number of participants: 9


Combination of Part 1 and Part 2

Do you want to do part 1 and part 2? This can cost the total program € 650, -


Optional programs

Astraal travel

5 and 6 August

€ 255, -


Full moon ritual

August 7 (free)

Preparatory meditation in the temples for the ritual August 7th € 55, -


Experience the magic of Turin

Different dates possible, in consultation


SoulCollage® workshop

August 5 and 6
To integrate your experiences in Damanhur 


Costs nights

The nights in Damanhur cost € 28, - euro per night for a double room, € 45, - for a single room.

To be paid in Damanhur upon arrival. TI can book this for you

You sahre our bathroom, but there are several bathrooms to choose from, most of the time there is one free when you need it.


Costs food and drink

I will arrange dinners (optional) as much as possible in the communities and otherwise we will eat in local restaurants. Calculate € 15, - average for dinner. There is usually an extensive lunch buffet available in Damanhur for an average of € 10, - but you can also choose to have a sandwich in the organic shop. Another possibility is also to have a lunch buffet and to have a sandwich in the evening.

These costs are not included in the program.

I will drive to Damanhur from the Netherlands. It is possible to drive with me. 


About the guide

During the trip you will be accompanied by Lucy Schaaphok. Lucy is sotrngly connected to Damanhur and lives in The Netherlands. She works together with Damanhur and studies at Damanhur School of Meditation. Lucy has been in Damanhur since 2004 and knows a lot about this place, knows a lot of people and nice places in the area.


Cancellation and Refunds

There is a non-refundable €150 cancellation charge until the registration deadline of June 28 2017. Written cancellation is required to process a refund. There are no refunds after this date. Although unlikely, the retreat may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. If cancelled, the entire amount paid will be refunded within fourteen days after cancellation occurs. We are not responsible for any other costs incurred including costs related to the purchase and cancellation of airline tickets or other travel reservations. We are not liable for any airline cancellation penalty incurred by the purchase of non-refundable tickets, nor are they liable for cancelled flights.


Itinerary or Program Modifications

While every effort will be made to carry out the programme as planned, the programme is subject to modification and change.


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